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How to address COVID-19 on the UNiDAYS Platform

To all of our valued partners: 

We know these are tough times, and we know you might be struggling to connect with customers given the gravity of COVID-19. Here’s the good news: The UNiDAYS Platform is a powerful tool for connecting your brand with our Gen Z student members—an audience that needs support and community now more than ever before. 

Below we’ve outlined a few tips on how to leverage the UNiDAYS Platform Manager to (appropriately, gently, and empathetically) connect with Gen Z during these challenging times. 

Need a refresher on the basics of the UNiDAYS Platform? No problem. Here are a few helpful links to get you started:


Using the UNiDAYS Platform during COVID-19:

1. Keep your audience updated.

Create story posts on the UNiDAYS Platform to keep customers updated about your brand’s response to COVID-19. Many of our partners, such as UGG, have leveraged our self-serve platform to update customers about store closings and other timely updates.

Not sure which information to share? Updated store hours, changes to shipping logistics, flash sales—these are just a few examples of what our members are waiting to hear. Even better, posting updates will allow members to give you real-time feedback as the situation evolves. 

2. Update your service status on the UNiDAYS Platform Manager

This is where you can enter a short message to let your members know how you are responding to a crisis or special circumstances. Keep it brief and link to more precise details. 

You can update this under My Program, and when updated it will live above your benefits on your brand page.

Service update

service status update_example

4. Show empathy.

Consider posting fun and engaging content that can help students stay positive and entertained while being stuck indoors. This might include at-home workout videos, recipes of the day, mental health tips, or engaging polls, such as this example from B&H Photo. (Also, don’t be afraid to repurpose some of your previous content.)

Always keep your tone positive and supportive. There's no need to make things somber or to refer to the 'dark times' we’re going through right now. Remember, students have it really tough right now, too, as many of their schools have closed for the remainder of the semester.

5. Foster community.

One of the most positive results we’ve seen come out of this situation is community. Worldwide, people are leveraging digital platforms to find common ground amid the chaos. Not sure where to begin? You’ve come to the right place—the UNiDAYS Platform was built precisely for this purpose. 

Here are just a few examples of how you can foster community on the UNiDAYS Platform: 

  • Host a digital study group
  • Empower STEM students to share their thoughts on finding a vaccine
  • Ask students to share pictures of their favorite quarantine fashions
  • Pledge a portion of your sales to a virus-related charity
  • Encourage students to share stories about their COVID-19 heroes (doctors, nurses, parents, teachers). 

The possibilities for building a community on the UNiDAYS Platform are endless.

6. Focus on online offers.

In light of COVID-19, we polled our student members and asked “What is most interesting for US to provide to YOU?” The majority of students (45%) want to receive relevant offers from brands. As many physical stores are closing, it’s time to focus on the e-commerce side of things. Get those online offers posted ASAP. 


P.S. Another 42% of students requested that we provide them with “all of the above” (i.e., a variety of content): relevant offers, activities to help keep them busy, health and safety resources, and a way for student voices to be heard. So, you’re definitely not just limited to sharing discounts.

 7. Refrain from joking about the virus.

This could be funny… or it could very easily back-fire. We can’t truly understand how each individual member is experiencing this time of anxiety and distress. Plus, there's no way of knowing what's still in store for everyone across the globe. Case in point: Italy. What seems funny now may not be so funny in two weeks’ time.

8. Be mindful with polls, giveaways, and competitions in general. 

Remember, potential limitations to our freedom of movement are likely still to come. For example, due to store/venue closures, vouchers might expire before students even get the chance to use them. Be certain that any poll, giveaway, or competition you host has the current world climate in mind. 

We will be here with you and our members every step of the way.

In good health,

The UNiDAYS Team