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Using the UNiDAYS Platform Manager

The UNiDAYS Platform provides native advertising opportunities that allow you to increase your post reach and target specific student sub-segments.

Ad formats

Inbox ads

All UNiDAYS partners can directly message members of their partner program with their latest content, appearing in order of recency. Inbox ads appear in the number one slot in the inbox, regardless of publish date. Placement appears on the app only.

Highlights ads

Highlights are a large placement featuring prominently at the top of the homepage and category pages. Placement appears on both app and web.

In-feed ads

All UNiDAYS partner posts appear in the feed, in order of recency. In-feed ads amplify posts to make them more visible in the feed. Placement appears on both app and web.

Ad targeting

Ads can be targeted based on gender, institution (college/university) or current location. We also plan to add new ad targeting options in the very near future.

Promoting your posts

In order to promote a post, you must have already created an organic post. 

  1. Post promotions can be created from either live posts (go to  ‘Posts’ > ‘Live Posts’) or scheduled posts (go to ‘Posts’ > ‘Scheduled Posts’).
  2. Choose the post you would like to amplify and click ‘Promote’
  3. Select which placements in which you would like your post to be promoted (you may select one or more).
  4. Click ‘Request post promotion’.
  5. You will see a confirmation message if your submission was successful.
  6. Once your account manager receives the request, they will contact you to finalize the details of your campaign.


Pausing a campaign

Campaigns cannot be paused in a self-service capacity at this time. Contact your account director or for assistance.