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Get the insights you need from over 13 million students globally to make better decisions, faster.

UNiDAYS Research and Insights is a Gen Z-focused brand and market research consultancy, backed by the UNiDAYS Student Affinity Network. Our deep knowledge of students allows us to provide those “light bulb” moments -- the kind of insights that inform the most innovative and iconic campaigns.

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At-scale, quantitative student (Gen Z) insights that meet your goals and are delivered quickly.

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Focus groups

Rich, qualitative detail on what students think, want and need, moderated in person or virtually.

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How UNiDAYS is different


You won’t be on your own. Our strategists are with you every step of the way to ensure that you walk away with the insights you need.

Build loyalty 

Build brand affinity and loyalty that can ultimately influence student purchasing decisions.

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Put insights into immediate action by testing Gen Z content and messaging concepts on our mobile app.

Our latest syndicated research

UNiDAYS Gen Z and the Future

Gen Z and the Future Report

More than any other generation, Zs face a future that stands to be impacted by complex global issues. For brands, tapping into their hopes and fears presents a challenge—and an opportunity.

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Gen Z Tech Report

Gen Z Technology Report

Digital may very well be their first language, no matter where they live. Yet marketers that try to reach Zers through digital-only campaigns are missing their target. These survey findings turn five assumptions about Gen Z upside-down. 

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Gen Z Health and Wellness Report

Gen Z Health Report

Gen Z sees physical fitness, healthy eating and mental well-being as interlocking pieces in the greater holistic view of their lives. This report offers health and fitness marketers tips on how to win over this generation.

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Gen Z Travel Report

Gen Z Travel Report

Gen Z might be the youngest consumer generation, but they’re already having a major impact on the global travel market. This report explores Gen Z's travel preferences and how the travel industry can capitalize on them.

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