Student Verification

Instantly verify the enrollment status of college and university students globally

Verify 192 million students across 114 countries in 30 languages

Gen Z's most-loved brands trust UNiDAYS to help acquire student customers and convert them into brand loyalists.

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UNiDAYS Student Verification
UNiDAYS Student Verification

How UNiDAYS Student Verification is different

Each year, millions of students enter and graduate from college around the world. UNiDAYS Student Verification makes it simple to validate eligibility for your student marketing programs by automating enrollment verification.

What’s more, our verification technology provides access to the UNiDAYS Student Affinity Network, a closed-network community that connects brands with Gen Z students. 


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How UNiDAYS Student Verification works


Our Student Verification team guides you step-by-step through what is needed to successfully implement Student Verification on your website and/or app.


We work with you to define the verification user experience so that it is consistent with your brand guidelines and technology requirements.


We help you deploy student verification across your digital properties and onboard you to our platform, so you can begin engaging Gen Zs.

Quick & easy implementation

The implementation process is quick and easy and managed by UNiDAYS' in-house experts who will guide you through the technology setup. 

24/7, 365-days-a-year support

Our student verification experts are here to respond to support requests in every country where we operate.

Get UNiDAYS Student Verification

Start growing your Gen Z customer base with student verification.

Benefits of Student Verification

Rich segmentation 

Segment your audience by demographic and behavioral factors, including region, gender, institution, course of study and engagement with marketing tactics.

Targeted marketing

Acquire new customers via our app, where you can run promotions, launch campaigns and build long-lasting relationships with Gen Z students.

Deeper relationships

Invest in a daily destination where you can engage your most loyal Gen Z fans through our platform's mix of engaging mix branded content and commerce.

Success Stories

UNiDAYS Nasty Gal Case Study

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal partners with UNiDAYS to create a scalable, customized and highly effective Gen Z marketing strategy, underpinned by student verification technology.

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Motorola Case Study


Using UNiDAYS student verification, Motorola develops a customized Gen Z segmentation strategy, resulting in 44% sales lift in just one month. 

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