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UNiDAYS is the world's leading Student Affinity Network with access to millions of college and university students around the world.

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UNiDAYS is the world's leading student network, with access to over 10+ million students worldwide.

We provide integrated, multi-channel campaigns and solutions to help you reach students—the highest value consumer group of all time. 

Student Verification
Student Verification
Instantly and securely verify the enrollment status of students across 114 countries and 39 languages.
Student Incentives
Student Incentives
Develop unique, student-only incentives, benefits and promotions that inspire them to shop and buy.
Research and Insights
Research and Insights
Gain insight into student opinions, behaviours, and preferences so you can make smarter decisions, faster.
Advertising, Custom Content, CSR
Advertising, Custom Content, CSR
Attract, engage and inspire millions of students globally.
Offline Solutions
Offline Solutions
Drive awareness of in-store activity among students.
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13 million
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verified members in ANZ

1.5 million
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UNiDAYS: Who is Gen Z?

Who is Gen Z? 

Generation Z is like no generation that has come before. Get the inside scoop on what they want from your brand.

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