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How UNiDAYS helped a retail brand drive brand favorability and engagement with Gen Z


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About the Apparel Retailer

An apparel retailer known for its sustainable sourcing practices was looking for ways to increase positive brand perceptions with Gen Z. The retailer had been a long-standing partner of UNiDAYS, the world’s leading Student Affinity Network, but had been focused on offering student incentives to college students in North America.

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The Challenge

They recognized that engaging Gen Z college students with more than purchase promotions was critical to forging a lasting emotional connection. Plus, they wanted help marrying brand and commerce.

The Goals

  • Effectively marry brand and commerce
  • Create an emotional connection with Gen Z college students
  • Amplify the brand's corporate social responsibility initiatives

The Solution

A UNiDAYS student strategist recommended UNiDAYS Launchpad, a collaborative marketing program that gives brands the power to co-create with Gen Z for social good. The program provided an opportunity to engage Gen Z students with a memorable branded experience, and it allowed the retailer to tell their brand story on the platform where they were already reaching students daily.

  • Student Verification: UNiDAYS’ Student Verification technology guaranteed the contest reached its intended Gen Z university student audience.
  • Launchpad: UNiDAYS’ Launchpad team created a contest on the UNiDAYS platform, partnering with a nonprofit whose mission is to build schools for underserved communities across the globe. The team invited student volunteers to submit their own user-generated video contest entries, outlining the reasons why the brand should give them an all-expense-paid trip to Guatemala to help build a new school. 
  • Custom Content: UNiSTUDIO developed a co-branded landing page, image tiles, blog content and a promotional video explaining the contest. The contest was also promoted via UNiDAYS-owned channels, including web, email, app, newsletter and social media.
  • Advertising Solutions: The contest was promoted across all UNiDAYS channels (email, social, app, and site).

As a result of UNiDAYS’ extensive promotion efforts, the brand received:

  • Over 100 student video entries
  • Over 15K video views
  • Amplified the retail brand’s CSR initiatives alongside their e-commerce incentives—all on one Gen Z-focused platform.

The winners received a six day, all-expense-paid trip to Guatemala that changed their lives and transformed a small corner of the world for the better.

student video entries
Video views in 4 weeks
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