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Student insights for brands. 

The UNiDAYS Affinity Index (AFFDEX) is the world’s leading source of data on student brand affinity. Providing definitive scores for hundreds of brands across multiple industries. 

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Student affinity matters.

Brand affinity is powerful. It moves minds, and in turn markets. Even more, it has the power to shape lives.

Brand affinity is at the heart of many of the decisions that influence people’s daily lives and long-term aspirations, from the food they choose to eat each day to the car they work a lifetime to buy. Brand affinity can even dictate the companies people choose to work at.

The AFFDEX analyses student brand affinity and market share across industries, helping organisations understand how they’re performing and the essential ways to win more affinity and market share. 

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Find out how to build affinity and win market share with students.

Understand students.

Students are the highest earners of tomorrow. Understand who they are and what they want today.   

Connect with the right messaging.

Win affinity by discovering research led messaging that works.

Benchmark your brand.

Benchmark your brand's affinity against hundreds of businesses across industries. 

Measure your success.

Analyse and perfect your marketing campaigns by tracking your affinity over time. 

The strongest data.

The AFFDEX is the world’s largest study of verified students. Each report is informed by more than 17,500 student respondents from a database of over 10 million. Ensuring you receive affinity indexed at epic scale.

The most effective measurement.

The AFFDEX provides Affinity scores on a scale of 0 to 100. These indexable scores make brand comparisons easy within and across industries.  Crucially, the scores are based on a custom algorithm that asses awareness, consideration, preference and recommendation variables. 

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Want deeper insights into how your brand can win the hearts of students?

Access the AFFDEX in greater detail through our tailored Industry and Brand reports. These reports deliver the essential playbook that will ensure your brand excels in generating affinity with the student audience. 

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