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Nasty Gal finds its Gen Z voice with a T-Shirt design contest.

Learn How They Did It


UNiDAYS - Nasty Gal x Launchpad Case Study

Refashioning Nasty Gal for a Gen Z audience

The Gen Z Marketing Playbook

The Gen Z Marketing Playbook

Align your brand with the preferences, tastes, and values of the most dynamic generation yet.

Gen Z: Preparing to Face the Future

Gen Z: Preparing to Face the Future

Discover how Gen Z’s outlook on the future presents both a challenge and an opportunity for brands.

UNiDAYS: Who is Gen Z?

Who Is Gen Z?

Introducing the newest generation of young consumers. Here’s what makes them tick.

UNiDAYS - Tech Report -

Gen Z: Decoding the Digital Generation

Digital may very well be their first language, but marketers that try to reach Gen Z through digital-only campaigns are missing their target. Find out why.

UNiDAYS - How well do you know Gen Z?

How well do you know Gen Z?

Think you know what it takes to connect with Gen Z? This quiz will challenge your assumptions.

UNiDAYS - Gen Z loves brand

What makes Gen Z fall in love with a brand?

It’s a match!  Learn about the key elements you need to write the love story between Gen Z and your brand.

UNiDAYS - Restaurants need to know

What Restaurants Need to Know

What do Gen Zs crave when it comes to food? Discover how this notoriously hard-to-reach generation approaches eating.

UNiDAYS Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal Increases Revenue and Engagement

Read how this popular brand increased revenue and engagement with Gen Z students by over 30 percent.

UNiDAYS - Mossman Case Study

Mosmann Australia uplifts in site traffic

When previous contests failed to yield results, Mosmann Australia launched a design competition with UNiDAYS to boost entries by 1,000 percent.

UNiDAYs - Who is Gen Z?

Who is Gen Z? And What Do They Want?

Generation Z is like no generation that has come before. Get the inside scoop on what they want from your brand.

UNiDAYS x Motorola

Motorola sees increase in Gen Z sales

 Learn how Motorola used a multi-channel marketing approach to lift student sales by 44 percent in just one month.

UNiDAYS - Tech cast study

Tech company sees 26% lift in Gen Z sales

Read how a tech company was able to increase sales amongst notoriously hard-to-reach of consumers - Generation Z.

Meet Gen Z Traveling Generation Infographic

Meet Gen Z: The Travelling Generation

In a recent survey, we asked Gen Z students about their travel preferences, including where - and why - they like to travel.. The results may surprise you.

UNiDAYS - Travel report

Meet Gen Z: The Travelling Generation

Gen Zs love to travel - and they have money to spend. Here’s how savvy-marketers can cater to this globe-trotting generation.

Gen Z Travel Podcast

Gen Z and Travel

The future of travel is in the hands of these experience-hungry consumers. Here’s what travel companies need to know.

Gen Z is Hungry for Healthy

Gen Z is hungry for healthy

When it comes to food, Gen Zs know what they want. This infographic breaks down their preferences.

UNiDAYS - woke or extra?

Is your brand woke or extra?

Are you speaking the right language to reach Gen Z? Find out by taking this short quiz.

UNiDAYS - Gen Z to table

How to get Gen Z to the table?

You have eight seconds to capture the attention of Gen Z. Here are seven things restaurants can do to win their hearts and stomachs.  



When Chipotle wanted to increase their Gen Z customer base, they turned to UNiDAYS. Here’s how they were able to gain 32 percent net new customers in one day.

UNiDAYS - Gen Z and Money

Zs and Money: What you need to know

When it comes to money, Gen Zs and Millennials are very different. Learn how they save it, invest it—and how they spend it

UNiDAYS - Ethical Case Study

Ethical Apparel

This apparel retailer realised the importance of forging a lasting emotional connection with Gen Z students. Here’s the impact it made.

UNiDAYS Gen Z and health

Z: A generation redefining health and wellness

Physical fitness, nutrition and mental well-being are all interlocking pieces of how students view their health. Learn how your brand can tap into this health-conscious lifestyle.

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