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The world’s leading Student Affinity Network

We can connect brands and services to 192m students in 114 countries, building lifelong brand affinities.

The Gen Z student consumer

Growth comes from winning new customers and the best new customers are students.

Millions of new students become financially independent every single year, spending more than $417bn in the US alone.

Students are the future

The global student population is 208m. These are the future doctors, lawyers, and VPs with the highest lifetime value of any consumer segment. Your best customers of the future are the students of today.

Students are valuable

Transitioning from parent dependent to independent life, students are ready to try your products. Their average income of $1,200 per month is 40% discretionary, making their per person spend higher than the average US household.

Students are loyal

Students are building their first brand relationships right now and these affinities can last a lifetime. Generation Z loves to share, they are the most social ever, and they are ready to share their affinities with friends and family.

Engaged global audience

Generation Z is hard to reach. This new generation has turned traditional media upside down. They don’t watch TV, read their news on social media, and block ads any chance they get. Traditional marketing doesn’t work with them - but UNiDAYS has the solution.

We offer unprecedented access to the student market for relevant brands and services across the world.

The UNiDAYS network can instantly verify over 192m students across 114 countries including the US, Brazil, Germany, France, Russia, South Africa, Japan, China, India and Australia.

2m+ App users
10m Members
1m+ Social community
$2.5bn Partner sales in 2017

Partnering with UNiDAYS

Joining UNiDAYS network and integrating verification into your brand’s key user journeys has the power to transform your business and potential to drive millions in incremental revenue.

Student verification

UNiDAYS unique verification technology can instantly validate the status of 192m students across 114 countries including the US, UK, Russia, Japan and China.

High purchase intent

Relevance of the brand mix along with strong incentives, our data-centric approach and omni-channel presence creates unprecedented purchase intent - with conversion rates to purchase from our web and app properties often exceeding 50%.

When you win, we win

Unlike traditional advertising or ‘risk media’, our performance model means we only get paid when we drive a sale - aligning UNiDAYS with your goals. In 2016, we have driven over $2.5bn net new revenue to partners.

Global brands choose UNiDAYS

Over 600 brand partners are engaging with students on the UNiDAYS network everyday.

"We're absolutely delighted with the traffic and sales uplift at Motorola.co.uk… UNiDAYS allowed us to work with flexibility and bespoke strategies, allowing us to optimise our success at both ends." Alice Barat
eCommerce Director
New Look
"I'd gladly recommend UNiDAYS by their reach, dynamics and ambition to innovate." Nadya Tatarciuc
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
Pizza Hut
"The speed and flexibility of UNiDAYS impressed us immediately… The results were very impressive too, with footfall and revenues exceeding our expectations and far greater than we've been able to achieve from the student market previously…" Keeley Downing
Marketing Manager
"UNiDAYS has quickly become an incredibly important part of our online marketing strategy and acquisition channel mix, allowing us to run bespoke promotions in a controlled environment. The setup and implementation was quick and straightforward." Rob Pye
eCommerce Director
Love Honey
"Lovehoney enjoyed a swift and effective launch on the UNiDAYS platform… The impact was immediate with students… We were extremely pleased with the level of sales generated and are looking to work with UNiDAYS to help us reach more students." Richard Longhurst
Director & Owner
Urban Outfitters
"UNiDAYS has performed brilliantly for Urban Outfitters, exceeding all expectations about what we would be able to achieve in the student market. They continue to drive impressive results for us and are our chosen provider for targeting students." Ruth Drury
Marketing Director
Moss Bross
"Since working with UNiDAYS, [we've] seen a considerable amount of uplift and engagement from Students. The verified iFrame tool allows us to authenticate student orders… [the] offer has also been expanded to include Australia, Ireland and Denmark." Shireen Gudgeon
Affiliate Marketing Manager
Top Man
"UNiDAYS delivered strong results and contributed to the success of our Topshop [and] Topman student campaign." Natalie Taylor
Marketing Coordinator
Rosetta Stone
"Low technical level of effort to integrate with [the] platform compared to other identification verification services. Their creatives and content resonate well with [the] demographic - offering an edge." Ashley Tacub
Digital Partnerships Manager
Virgin Media

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The UNiDAYS team works around the clock with offices in New York, Sydney, London and Nottingham.

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